The Universal Golf Club is an adjustable golf club made to the highest standards from the highest quality materials.

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In 2014 we were very excited to take over the ownership and manufacture of the Universal golf club.

This adjustable golf club, also known as the Walkers Club, was first invented in the USA by the late Don Moore. Don was a perfectionist in everything he did and was continually looking to make improvements and in 2013 implemented the most recent changes.

We were one of the first dealers of the club and have enjoyed a long association with Don and his wife Peggy and are very proud to be able to continue the legacy of the adjustable club.

For general enquiries you can contact Ken Galvin at

The Universal Club is from the inventor of the first air operated Tire Changer, Donald D. Moore, U.S. Pat. 2,962,065. His other inventions include the Superstick Adjustable Golf Club, U.S.Pat. 3,840,231, with over 100,000 sold and The Walkers Club U.S.Pat. 5,538,245.

The SuperStick was the first Adjustable Club to use both the vernier principle to change the loft and the double step telescopic travel shaft. These two principles are incorporated with all three adjustable clubs on the market today. As the patents expired on the Superstick in 1992, another man from Ohio used these two principles to develop a similar adjustable club. Moore then patented the Walkers club that leapfrogged both of the existing clubs. As improvements were made the name was changed to The Universal Club.

The new features include a machined flat putter face with 4 adjustable lofts, a Stainless Steel Adjustable locking lever, large loft numbers on a ratcheting selector ring, and the lie angle changes automatically for wedge and putter use.

The advantages of using 1 club are a more consistent golf swing, saving fossil fuel, healthy exercise, cross golf, traveling light, executive and par 3 use, a second set of clubs and most of all to save money. This club is absolutely fair and takes the game back to its roots, where skill and healthy exercise are the most important factors.

One Universal Club, for more consistent control.



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