The Universal Golf Club is an adjustable golf club made to the highest standards from the highest quality materials.

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Universal head
Travel club
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Changing the club loft
Place the shaft under your left arm, with the club head face down in your right hand, use your left hand to turn the locking lever 2 to 2 1/2 turns. Rock the club head back and forth until the desired club number is between the i on the shank and the black line on the back of the head. (Choose i for iron, W for wedge or the P for the putters).
Click here to see the YouTube video on adjusting the head

#8 iron setting

#2 putter setting

coupler in the socket
Iron settings
Putter settings
= 16
= 0
= 20
= 3
= 23
= 7
= 26
= 29
Wedge settings
= 33
= 49
= 36
= 53
= 39
= 56
= 43
= 59
= 46
= 63

Changing the locking lever position
Turn the locking lever 6 turns. Set the shank socket in a different position on the hex coupling nut. (Align the i line and a lower hour number on the coupling nut). Turn the lever back to lock. The lever should be vertical with the shaft, if not, move the shank socket to another position on the coupling nut. (Lower your number if lever tightens past shaft.) Once you understand this, it only takes a few seconds to change the locking lever position. After breaking in, the only time you will need to adjust the lever is after disassembly for cleaning.

Travel shaft
To extend and lock shaft, hold the grip end in your right hand and the head in your left hand and snap open firmly. To shorten for travel, hold shaft near the head and tap firmly on a hard surface (concrete). Place shaft on shank taper to lock. To lock the shaft open it must be clean. Just a little water and twisting action against each step is all that's needed to maintain a solid lock on the shaft. No oil, Rinse well.

Just use water. No oil or lubricant is needed. All head parts are Stainless Steel. Do not use oil or wax on the shaft, just soap and water and rinse well, then dry.

Repositioning lever
To reposition the lever so that it is parallel with the shaft - see instructions here.



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