The Universal Golf Club is an adjustable golf club made to the highest standards from the highest quality materials.

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I was struggling to play golf regularly until I came across the Universal Golf Club.  My job requires a significant amount of travel, and I have young kids who aren't up to spending long hours on the golf course.  The Universal Club has solved the problem.  I now pack the Universal club in my carry-on luggage when travelling and can make the most of any down time when overseas.  At home I can jog around 9 holes in a little over an hour carrying the Universal (and sometimes a Driver and Fairway Wood if I'm in the mood).  When on holiday in the family motorhome, the Universal Club is always at the ready should we come across one of the hundreds of country courses around New Zealand.  With a van full of kids gear, there's no way I'd be able to carry a full set of clubs and trundler with me.

While it did take me a while to get used to the club (like any new club), I'm now hitting the ball as well with the Universal Club as I had with my conventional set (which I plan to sell this summer).  The rotating head mechanism is pure genius - the thought and engineering that has gone into it is evident and I can't fault the quality.  I can now switch from one pitch to another in seconds - with nothing more than a glance at the club.  I can't fault the telescopic shaft either.  Once it's locked in place I don't give it any more thought.  The integrated putter really works too - again it took some practice, but I'm actually putting better than ever now.  The real trick to using the club is learning to choke down on the handle to accommodate the desired pitch.  In that sense there's more skill to using the Universal Club than conventional clubs where the shaft length is pre-set.  But most people will quickly get used to this and will enjoy the challenge.

Overall the benefits are simply too long to list.  I'm always ready for golf, have left all the gear behind, get around the course much more easily and quicker, and I have managed to combine golf with a good work out (if I choose to jog).  And best of all, I play much more regularly (and in more interesting places).  More golf and more family time - and who can claim that?  The Universal Golf Belt Bag is also well worth thinking about (I like it almost as much as the club itself).

Malcolm Millar



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